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Acute Care

Let’s Talk About A Healthier Tomorrow

Access Our Network of Partner Doctors for Virtual Consultations

You don’t have to go to a clinic to take care of your health. Whether you need a prescription refill or have other medical issues, you can get the care you need with our secure and easy to use telehealth platform. Start a video visit with a physician from the comfort of your home through our network of medical partners. At TRT Colombia, we connect you with our partner doctors who are ready to address your medical needs and challenges.

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All The Benefits, None Of The Hassle At A Clinic

After you’ve called and scheduled your telehealth appointment, follow the provided instructions to connect via smartphone, tablets or computer with a camera and microphone. Once you connect, just enter the virtual waiting room. The doctor will then meet you face-to-face via video-chat. No long wait times or be around sick patients in a clinic. 

Connecting New and Existing Clients with Our Partner Doctors

If you’re an existing patient, the doctor will review your medical records, discuss your needs, and determine the next steps, such as doing diagnostic tests, sending your prescription over to your pharmacy or making a referral to see a specialist for further evaluation. If you’re a new patient, the doctor will get to know you, go over your health concerns, make notes and discuss what’s needed next in your medical care. We are committed to bringing you efficient and high-quality virtual medical care. Same-day appointments are available!

We Can Accommodate Both In-Person Or Video Visits

Whether you are seeking assistance for the first time or are an existing client at TRT Colombia, we facilitate connections with expertly vetted doctors who can consult on a wide range of medical conditions. Consultations are available both in-clinic through our partner doctors’ offices and via telemedicine, ensuring comprehensive coverage for various healthcare needs.

  • Common cold & flu-like symptoms, Upper Respiratory Infection, Bronchitis, and Urinary tract infection
  • Allergies, rash, acne, or other dermatologic conditions
  • Anxiety, Panic Attack, Depression, and ADHD
  • Headaches (Clustered, Tension, and Migraines)
  • New prescriptions or prescription refills
  • Medical forms and clearance
  • Diagnostic tests (blood, urine, saliva, X-rays, Ultrasound, CT, MRI, etc.)
  • Limited chronic care including diabetes mellitus type I & II, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol
This information helps our medical team better understand your current health status and can assist in providing more accurate and personalized care during your appointment.

Experience Our Streamlined Process: Expert, Effortless & Structured

Book an appointment: Call us at +573011694452 to speak with a patient success rep and discuss your acute care needs and health goals. If eligible, you will be paired with a top-tier doctor for a comprehensive evaluation. 

Lab Tests: Easily arrange an at-home diagnostic test or visit a lab. We’ll consider past results and health history to tailor our advice for your wellness.

Review Your Report: Receive a detailed analysis of your test results within a week during your follow-up meeting. If treatment is needed, you will receive patient education. Our team will schedule your hormone therapy sessions and follow-up care.

Step into a health-optimized life with our expert care.

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