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Achieving Your Dream Figure with Physiq Body Contouring

TRT Colombia


Physiq body contouring emerges as a pivotal solution for achieving the dream body in a world where aesthetic and wellness goals merge. This state-of-the-art procedure employs advanced body treatment technology to sculpt and define without the need for surgical methods. The procedure is ideal for those who value optimal comfort and minimal recovery time, Physiq combines efficiency with efficacy in an innovative way to help you achieve your ideal body contouring goals.

What Is Physiq Body Contouring?

Many people might not have a deep understanding of what is Physiq body contouring. The procedure is a cutting-edge solution in body sculpting technologies, designed to deliver optimal, natural-looking results through a non-invasive approach. It leverages proprietary STEP technology, which utilizes independent applicators to target specific areas with energy modulation, ensuring precise energy delivery for effective fat reduction and muscle enhancement.

How Does Physiq Body Contouring Work?

Physiq body contouring works by combining laser energy and electric muscle stimulation (EMS) in a single treatment, optimizing the therapeutic temperature to dissolve fat cells and tone muscle effectively. The advanced technology allows for simultaneous contact of multiple body bands, each equipped with a patient control button, enabling individuals to manage their comfort level during the session. This innovative approach ensures that each session maximizes energy levels for targeted and effective treatment.

Physiq Body Contouring: Before And After

Physiq Body Contouring: Before And After

The transformative results of Physiq body contouring before and after pictures shared by many who have gone through the procedure showcase significant body changes. From reduced fat deposits to more sculpted and toned muscle areas, the visual evidence supports the effectiveness of this advanced body contouring device. The before and after images often reflect the results after an average series of treatments, illustrating both the immediate and progressive benefits of Physiq.

How Is Physiq Performed?

Physiq body contouring leverages a sophisticated combination of heat and energy modalities, ensuring deep heat penetration and optimal fat melting to sculpt the body effectively. Here’s a detailed look at how Physiq is meticulously applied to various body parts:

  • Abdomen: Physiq uses a single applicator to deliver focused energy directly to the deeper layers of the abdominal region. This targeted approach enhances muscle contractions while reducing fat, leading to a noticeably flatter and more toned abdomen. The process is designed to provide optimal, natural-looking results by sculpting the core area through controlled and sustained energy delivery.
  • Flanks: For the flanks, Physiq adjusts energy delivery to precisely target and sculpt this often stubborn area, effectively reducing the appearance of ‘love handles.’ Each treatment session utilizes energy modulation techniques to ensure that fat is reduced while the skin remains smooth and contoured, enhancing the natural lines of the waist.
  • Chest: The chest area benefits from Physiq’s application of an optimal wavelength that penetrates beneath the skin to enhance and tone muscle. This specific energy level is crucial for improving muscle tone without invasive measures, resulting in a firmer and more defined chest.
  • Arms: To address the upper arms, Physiq focuses on reducing unwanted fat and toning muscle through a methodical application of therapeutic temperature. This controlled heating helps to combat saggy ‘bat wings,’ tightening the skin and increasing muscle definition for a more youthful and toned appearance.
  • Lower Back: Targeting the lower back, Physiq employs precise energy modulation to reach fat deposits effectively. This focused energy use improves the overall contour and alignment of the back area, enhancing the natural curve and reducing bulges for a smoother silhouette.
  • Buttocks: Physiq uses simultaneous contact points in the treatment of the buttocks to effectively lift and tone the area. This approach ensures that the buttocks are treated uniformly, resulting in a rounder, more uplifted look that enhances the body’s natural curves.
  • Thighs: The thighs are treated with independent applicators that are specifically designed to slim and contour both the inner and outer thighs. This targeted fat reduction and muscle definition are achieved by carefully balancing the application of heat and EMS, ensuring that each thigh receives customized treatment that respects the unique contours and needs of the area.

By employing these specialized techniques and advanced technology, Physiq Body Contouring delivers a tailored treatment plan for each body part, ensuring effective results and a more sculpted body.

Benefits Of Physiq Body Contouring


The benefits of undergoing Physiq body treatments are comprehensive and tailored to enhance both aesthetic and physical wellness:

  • Non-invasive and Painless Treatment: Physiq’s non-surgical approach, utilizing advanced technology, ensures a painless experience without the need for body lotion or other aids.
  • No Downtime Or Recovery Period: The quick and efficient treatment sessions, typically lasting under an hour, allow patients to resume daily activities immediately, without the need for recovery time.
  • Targeted Fat Reduction and Muscle Toning: The specific targeting of stubborn areas with energy modalities and muscle stimulation leads to improved body contours and definition.
  • Improved Body Contours And Definition: Each treatment enhances the natural contours of the body, moving closer to the dream body with each session.
  • Long-Lasting Results With Proper Maintenance: The effects of Physiq are long-lasting when supported by a balanced diet and regular exercise, even without strenuous exercise immediately following the sessions.
  • Comfortable And Quick Sessions: The integration of patient control options and treatment time optimization ensures each session is as comfortable as it is efficient.

Candidate for Physiq Body Sculpting

Physiq is ideal for individuals of various body types and skin types who are looking to enhance their physical appearance without the risks associated with invasive procedures. During an initial consultation, a treatment plan is devised that caters to the unique body-sculpting needs and goals of each individual.

Is Physiq Body Contouring Right For You?

Is Physiq Body Contouring Right For You?

Physiq body contouring might be the right choice for you if you are seeking a method to achieve your aesthetic goals with minimal disruption to your life. An initial consultation with a certified provider will help determine the appropriate treatment sessions and ensure that Physiq aligns with your health and wellness objectives.

Are There Any Risks With Physiq?

While Physiq body contouring is considered safe and effective, potential mild side effects can include temporary redness, swelling, and discomfort at the treatment site, typically resolving within a few hours to a few days.

At TRT Colombia, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your aesthetic and wellness goals with cutting-edge treatments like PHYSIQ Body Contouring. Our expert team, utilizing the latest advancements in non-invasive body sculpting technology, ensures you experience a transformation that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Whether you’re looking to refine your silhouette or enhance muscle tone, TRT Colombia offers a safe, effective, and personalized approach to body contouring that delivers noticeable results without downtime. Join us to sculpt your ideal figure and boost your confidence with the trusted expertise of TRT Colombia.


Physiq Body Contouring stands out as a premier solution for those aspiring to achieve their dream body without the downtime and risks associated with traditional surgical methods. Through its advanced technology and tailored treatment approaches, Physiq ensures that each individual can experience transformative results that align closely with their body sculpting aspirations.


Which Is Better: Coolsculpting Or Physiq?

While both treatments offer benefits for fat reduction, Physiq’s additional muscle toning capabilities make it a superior choice for individuals looking for a comprehensive body sculpting solution.

How Long Does Body Contouring Last?

The results of Physiq body contouring can be long-lasting, provided that individuals maintain a healthy lifestyle. The effects are designed to be sustainable with a regular diet and exercise regimen.

Where Does The Fat Go When You Do Body Contouring?

In the Physiq process, the destroyed fat cells are processed by the body’s lymphatic system and eventually expelled naturally, ensuring a safe and natural reduction in body fat.

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    “This program is great! Dr. Smith is awesome. I started off at 260 lbs back in June as of today (6 months with TRT Colombia) I am 210 lbs and would recommend this program to anyone who is having trouble losing weight!”

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